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I'm displaying a Gantt view in a page in like this:

  <Module Name="DefaultBlank" Url="" Path="">
    <File Path="EmployeeWorkspacePages\default.aspx"  Url="default.aspx" >
       <View WebPartZoneID="WebPartZone3" List="Lists/OvedKlitaPlan" Name="GanttView"
             BaseViewID="13"  Type="GANTT">

The Gantt view is shows on the page, but I do have some problems...

1) How can I catch a javascript event after I changes one of the fields in the left pane? (I need this to refresh another webpart after changes updated)

2) Is there a way to make some columns read only in the left pane?

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Did you find a solution? – Sascha Jan 15 '14 at 8:37