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We currently have a database where screenshots are sometimes required to go along with the data. Currently it's a long process, since we have to first save it in a file and then attach it to the entry. Is there a way to include a box within the database entry, where screenshots could be simply pasted?

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This is certainly more of a hack than a real solution, but it is what I do because I also need to capture screenshots (taken with OneNote keystroke shortcut) and place them in SP. part of the My Note: I work in a Windows 7 & Sharepoint Enterprise 2010 w/Foundation environment

  • set up a blog on your "personal" site in sharepoint (part of the MyContent area)
  • Install Windows Live Writer plugin on your desktop (which is part of the Windows Essentials package, but you can choose to only install the LiveWriter module)
  • Use Live Writer to make entries in your SP blog - LiveWriter allows CTRL+V pasting of screen captures
  • From the browser, open the SP blog and right click an image to get its SP address
  • Use that address to insert an image on a wiki page, link, whatever

It isn't sexy, but it seems quicker than the alternatives.

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