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I installed SharePoint 2013 on a Windows 7 machine (which is also AD/DS) and did the following steps (as per this tutorial) to make a newly-created site "site1" use Kerberos authentication:

  1. Added A-Record in DNS "sharepoint2013" to the server's IP.
  2. Flushed DNS and checked that I can ping.
  3. setspn -S HTTP/site1 mydomain\Administrator
  4. setspn -S HTTP/site1 mydomain.local\Administrator (FQDN)
  5. Configured site1 as Enable Windows Authentication > Integrated Windows Authentication > Negotiate (Kerberos)

To test, I tried to log in http://sharepoint2013/sites/site1 as Administrator on the SharePoint machine.
PROBLEM: I get asked for a password, and using Administrator credentials do not even work (blank page).

Did I miss something?

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