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I am making a visual webpart for SharePoint 2010 that displays files and folders from a document library, and I want to keep ordering to folders. I want to be able to sort folders so I need a way to store the order number of a folder. If I check on sharepoint in the browser, I don't see a way to add any info to it.

Is there a way to do this programatically in c#?

I want to avoid keeping the order number as a part of the folder name, something like: "1. Folder A"

Does anyone know if this is possible?

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If you are working with SharePoint Server 2010 or later you can consider using the Document Set feature. A Document Set is essentially a folder that can be defined with a content type (includes meta-data) as well as other useful things like workflow.

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Folders in SharePoint are unnecessary pain in the ass. Folders will

  • Not help your case in searching
  • Will increase the Url length

As Mike said, use the documents set! Document sets inherit form folders and help manage group of documents as a single entity. It is nothing more than a content type that can be attached to any document library and make use of it's features.

See example:

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