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The problem statement is quite simple actually but i guess i am just very new to Custom workflows and InfoPath.

This is what i do with my code:

  1. Use a custom infoPath form to save values into a forms library.

  2. On Form Submit a custom Sequential WF is triggered and creates a task in the tasks list. I have a custom infoPath form in the tasks list as well.

  3. Through my custom code using xml i set values in the fields of the custom InfoPath form.

  4. Please Note: I have a requirement that if a field value (say 'Department') is modified in the Forms Library then it should be updated in the corresponding task as well.

I am writing custom code for this solution.

Thank You. :)

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What exactly is the question? – teylyn May 8 '13 at 7:35
The question is 'If any of the fields in the parent list gets updated, how do i update that value in the task related to that item which got created initially'? I found an activity named 'UpdateAllTasks activity' but i guess that i going to check if the task has changed. I need to detect if any of the fields in the parent list have been updated, so that i can update the task. Hope this gives you an idea about what i am trying to achieve. – Binit Kumar May 8 '13 at 9:52

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