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SharePoint is showing strange behavior that when I use my Custom login page which is using the credentials entered to get authenticated by my Custom Security Token service (Trusted Identity provider) for SharePoint. When my Identity provider sends a response to SharePoint, it redirects me to this URL


Which should not appear because my identity provider has authenticated it, I was messing around with things and then while doing that I changed my URL from the above mentioned to

http://WebAppURL/ (Got rid of _layouts/15/AccessDenied.aspx) 

It worked now whenever I log into my sharepoint webapp I first get this access denied page and then I have to change my URL, I get all the claims sent by my Identity provider.

Now If anyone out there can help me with this redirection issue? The realm I am giving while registering my IP-STS with SharePoint I append


and also tried

http://webappURL/_trust as well but no success.

Any help or suggestion is appreciated. Thank you.

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