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SharePoint Designer 2013 is stopping unexpectedly when click to People/Groups from SharePoint Site.

As an example,

Send an Email action and I want to send the email to a SharePoint Site Collection User Group but i cant select it.

I installed SharePoint Designer 2013 64 bit on Windows Server 2012. I run SharePoint Designer 2013 under administrator.

In my workflow email action I click on People/Groups from SharePoint Site. enter image description here

And now you see SharePoint Designer 2013 64 bit crashes. enter image description here

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An IISReset fixed this for me. –  Danielle G Feb 16 at 5:57

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I have fixed this solution as follow. I have created a webapplication with some url like :


It works on port 80. I have added this in my host file: myCompany.com

Everything was working fine. Also SharePoint designer was working fine and I dont get crashes.

After this I had created a new alternate access mapping with this url:


I have set http://anotherCompany.com as "default" zone. And I have set http://myCompany.com as "intranet" zone.

Both sites are working. But the SharePoint designer is crashing when I try to select groups/users from SharePoint site.

I removed the alternate access mapping "http://anotherCompany.com". I changed the zone from http://myCompany.com from "intranet" to "default".


I started SharePoint designer and now it works. It dont crash anymore:)

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