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I am using the following to open a template document from one location which will be saved to a another location:

<a href="javascript:'" onclick="CoreInvoke(&#39;createNewDocumentWithRedirect2&#39;,event,&#39;https:\u002f\\u002fsites\u002fTesting\u002fShared Documents\u002ftemplate.docx&#39;, &#39;https:\u002f\\u002fsites\u002fTesting\u002fShared Documents&#39;, &#39;SharePoint.OpenDocuments&#39;, false, &#39;;, true, 1); return false;" href="#">CreateNewDocument</a>

This works fine on my PC where the document opens in word (desktop app) and when I press save it picks up my (destination document library) location.

The issue is my tablet (IPad). The link direct me to a form page which asks for the Document Name. After pressing OK, I receive a failed to create file error.

Any suggestions for altering the above script to force SharePoint to use Office Web App instead of opening the doc in the desktop app? I think this might overcome my issue.

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Why do you have two href attributes on your link? – Robert Lindgren May 6 '13 at 8:48
no reason. good point. removed thehref="'javascript:'. The issue remains, however I have added some more details above. – LeeRayM May 10 '13 at 2:02

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