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I am replacing a colleague for the support of a SharePoint 2010 intranet.
Active directory users have been imported by a User Profile service application.
I have noticed an issue and I prefer to explain it with an example for the sake of clarity.

Let's consider the user Taylor Gordon.
The user account name is DOMAIN\GordonT in the intranet - in the "Select People and Groups" pop-up window for example.

I have clicked the User Profile service application in the central administration.
Then I have load the "Manage User Profiles" page.
Then I have searched for the user profile.
The user account name is DOMAIN\gordont in the central administration.

DOMAIN\gordont is also the user account name retrieved by the GetUserProfileByName method of the UserProfileService web service.
I guess the GetUserProfileByName method reads the user profile data source visible in the central admnistration.
But it seems that another user profile data source is read by the intranet.

Am I right ?
Why the two user profile data sources are not the same ?

Any help will be greatly appreciated

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