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We have an internally hosted Confluence site that we're trying to move to a cloud hosted Sharepoint.com site. What's the best way to migrate those pages while keeping as much of it intact as possible.


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There are a few third party tools that may be of assistance, I know Metalogix has one and Tzunami. Also Atlssian has a Sharepoint connector that might be beneficial, it allows the content to be surfaced in Sharepoint while still residing in Confluence. Going to SP Online though it might not work.


You may try using Vyapin's DocKIT for SharePoint as it allows you import content into a cloud. The SharePoint migration task can be done easily if you can move the Confluence content to a central repository like a file server or exposed as file shares. Once this is taken care of, DocKIT can easily import all the converged content to the cloud SharePoint. Try this - http://www.vyapin.com/products/sharepoint-migration/dockit/sharepoint-migration.htm and inform about the result.

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