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Issue I am facing,

  1. Sharepoint designer List workflow
  2. Assign Task , OutCome => custom content type with three options.
  3. If statement if outcome=="someting" => go to next stage (here it is getting suspended) enter image description here

enter image description here

Any idea where it is throwing null ref error?

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I have done bit research and came to conclusion that always return the outcome:0, means default value of outcome get return. inspite of selected any other outcome, it returns the default one. any idea? – Anuja May 7 '13 at 10:57
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After debugging into it came to know issue was this: workflow custom outcome choice site column takes always default value

Its SharePoint bug,I have resolved it by doing trick which I have explained in my blog:

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Inadequate App Step permissions is usually the source of this error. I solved it by enabling an App Step Feature, and granting permissions to the App Step. For detailed steps, please see:

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Please don't add the exact same answer to this question, as you did on this one. Instead, try to specify your answer further to make it a better of this specific question. Thank You! – Benny Skogberg Apr 4 at 17:52

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