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Our internal auditors have made a request to produce a regular report that shows when users access certain files.

With this in mind I was wondering - is there a way in the object model or otherwise to easily see what users are doing within SharePoint? Or is this currently not possible?

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To view who has opened documents, you can run a Audit Log report. This is can achieved using the Audit Log reports

You go to the following setting: Site Actions > Site Settings > Site Collection Administration > Audit Log reports.

Check Configure audit settings for a site collection

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A sort of tracking is achieved via the Auditing features that must be enabled at site collection level, which also offers a quite rich object model to extract these statistics by code (had a similar answer here SP2010: Best Practices to use SPAudit). A note of warning though - enable it selectively after proper consideration as this could get quite heavy database usage.

Alternatives would be HTTP modules to deploy your entire logic the way you want it.

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