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Any idea if SharePoint has an extensibility point to add an external DAM store as a normal Asset source for images or other media files?

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OOTB SharePoint hasn't this feature, btw you could use the RBS Implementation:

or a solution from Avepoint or Metalogix

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Definitely a good fit for RBS scenario. there are also some file integration products like what Bamboo offers, but it is not as seamless as RBS, and not specifically for Media. – Jesus Shelby May 2 '13 at 13:57

For Videos at least you could consider leveraging IIS Media Services. Microsoft has a few posts on leveraging both on site and Azure media services. This doesn't require RBS, however the video source will not actually be SharePoint.

Do a search for:

"Delivering End-End Video Workflow Using Microsoft SharePoint,IIS Media Services,Microsoft Expression Encoder and Microsoft Silverlight"


"Steve Fox SharePoint IIS Media Video"

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