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SP 2010 - Trying to deploy a site collection from a local server (L) to a remote server (R). After several attempts using REAL data, I created a site collection in L, using blank site template. Created list "Dummy 3" with 1 item. Created a site collection in R, blank template.

Set R to accept content deployment jobs, then created new path/job on L. When creating the path, the connection to the R server is successful. The job fails, with errors:

"An unexpected error has occurred." Object: AnalyticsReports/Forms/AllItems.aspx (same error for other objects in that folder: Combine.aspx, DispForm.aspx, EditForm.aspx etc.)

"A list, survey, discussion board, or document library with the specified title already exists in this Web site. Please choose another title." Object: wfpub

I've repeated the steps above with many different newly created site collections (same collection title on L & R, same URL on L & R, different titles/URLS, etc.), always deleting the site collections that didn't work...always same results.

A check in SP Designer shows a folder called "wfpub", but it only contains 1 empty folder "Forms". No idea what that is. Can I delete it? Also a folder AnalyticsReports with those aspx files under the Forms folder. Also no idea what that is. Delete? Any other ideas? Thanks!

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I got this to work by creating the destination site collection with the template Custom - Select template later... option, rather than using the template Collaboration - Blank Site.

I hope that saves some frustration for someone.

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