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Can I customize the InfoPath task form which is used by the regular createTask activity?

I know I can create my own form and reference that in the elements.xml file, but I like using myForm.TaskProperties.Title = "Please upd..."; or is that also possible with a custom form (having TaskProperties)?

Basically I don't like the standard task form which gets created when using the createTask activity, so I e.g. want to delete the field "Predecessor" and delete some other fields. All I want is a task with some comment field and a "finish task" button.

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Found the solution: Create your own task form and call it via CreateTaskWithContentType.

A nice explanation can be found here: CreateTask method - how to create a task based on a Custom content Type and a tutorial on how to create your own Task form inheriting form the workflow task content type: Wrangling SharePoint Workflows with Visual Studio

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