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I am currently using SharePoint 2010 Foundation, I am also using Visual Basic 2010. I want to take a form I recently created in VB and display it in SharePoint for my users to access. I do not want everyone to have to install VB to run the program, and since everyone already uses SP2010 to collaborate, I want them just to go to the page or web part and run this program. Is this something I can do and if so please tell me how.

Thanks, Colby

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Is this a "Windows Forms" VB executable? You really need to provide more details regarding what the application does and how it is constructed before we could suggest anything useful. – Robert Kaucher Apr 30 '13 at 17:59

I would not see this possible as most like your VB end-result is and EXE which just per-se is not possible to upload in SharePoint libraries as it by default a restricted extension in SP-CA. So besides the fact that is totally against what collaboration is meant for, but even so, it is a desktop application by definition, and even if you somehow bypass that security boundary, it would simply result in people having to download the application and run-it locally - e.g. cannot run in the context of SharePoint.

So you could either envision to re-build using a web-technology, e.g. even a Access web database could get you closer, but rather built your own Web Part using data stored in SharePoint lists.

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I used Citirx and connected it to the webfront of my SharePoint page, which ran the .exe of my VB FORM whenever a user selected the link.

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