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I have an SP 2010 Server with ssl not only enabled but enforced with a (very simple) rewrite rule. The problem here is that when Skydrive Pro is presented with a https url (e.g. https://SPSvr) it fails and appears to not work at all in any scenario where http is not available. Its fails with "we can't connect to the specified SharePoint site". I have updated the AAM setting with the ssl url (indeed, its the default zone), but the issue persists, even when instead of the rewrite rule I use the "Require SSL" option in IIS or remove the http bindings.

Is SDPro simply not going to work over a https connection or is there a particular way I need to to configure it?

As a note, other than this SharePoint appears to be working over ssl correctly and SDP worked well before ssl was enabled.

Thanks in advance for any help or insight.

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Did you ever manage to fix this? Regards –  user24267 Mar 10 at 14:06
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