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This is a simple yes/no, mainly as a sanity check: Does the "available as of SP2010" CAML In clause work with SOAP and external lists?

Some background: I've got an external list pulling data via BDC from a SQL Server. NO problem in rendering the list. No problem using jQuery to pull items via SOAP, or the popular spservices() library. But, I'm finding that no matter what, the tantalizing "IN" clause refuses to work at all. I either get back zero records, or at best, with a jQuery $.ajax() call, I get, in the raw returns (as viewed with Fiddler), "Error parsing CAML query - unknown operation."

I'm beginning to think that the "IN" clause simply is not available via SOAP. Can't find documentation to that effect. In fact, the "IN" clause is almost nonexistent in the vast pipes of the internets when googling or binging for it.

Does the CAML In clause work with SOAP for SP2010???

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