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This is sp2010. I have a list. The list has a field defined as Multiple lines of text > Enhanced Rich Text. This works fine, with the typical rich text editor controls. The problem du jour is applying horizontal spacing to an image.

Add an image. Select it so it is the actively selected item (the drag handles are visible). In the rich text ribbon, the Spacing section will display a horizontal adjustment defaulting to 10px, and a similar vertical adjustment. Awesome! Or not.

Making any change to these sizes pop up an irritating "This control is currently disabled" dialog, with additional detail suggesting that I do not have sufficient rights. And yet, I have full-control rights.

Looking at the HTML code in the rich text editor, I can see that there is no "10px" anywhere in the properties for the image, not in a "style" argument, nothing. Yes, I could manually tweak the code in the raw HTML editor, but that's not going to work as a solution.

So I am wondering, is this Microsoft's way of saying "We meant to implement that spacing thing, but never got around to it"??? Does anybody know how to get that spacing bit to work so the average not-HTML-savvy person can use it?

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