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After migrating 2007 to 2010, the 2007 site has been displayed in the sharepoint 2010. But when i am trying to upgrade, the visual upgrade is not available and site settings is also not available.

Please help,


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When you upgrade, either by using in-place upgrade or by using the database attach upgrade method, you can choose to use Visual Upgrade.

During an in-place upgrade, you make the choice to use Visual Upgrade as a step in the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard. The visual upgrade feature is not available in the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard if you are performing an upgrade on a stand-alone server with built-in database. However, the Visual Upgrade feature is available in this case from the Psconfig command-line tool. You can then use the syntax:

psconfig.exe -cmd upgrade [–preserveolduserexperience <true|false>].

During a database attach upgrade, the choice to update to the new user experience or stay in the old user experience is accomplished by using either:

• The Updateuserexperience parameter of the Mount-SPContentDatabase Windows PowerShell cmdlet.
• The preserveolduserexperience parameter of the addcontentdatabase Stsadm operation.

Psconfig command-line reference (SharePoint Server 2010)


Performs an upgrade of SharePoint 2010 Products. This command is automatically run when you run the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard if the product has to be upgraded. Takes the following optional parameters:


If specified, the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard does not return until the upgrade is complete. If not specified, the wizard returns after dispatching a SharePoint Timer Service job to perform the upgrade. To view the upgrade job status, you can access the SharePoint Central Administration Web site by using your Web browser.


If specified, the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard stops any currently running upgrade actions, and then restarts upgrade.


If specified, the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard will reset all content to the site definition version during the upgrade.

[-inplace <v2v|b2b>]

If specified, the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard will perform an in-place upgrade. If v2v is specified, an in-place version to version upgrade is performed. If b2b is specified, an in-place build to build upgrade is performed.


If set to false, the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard will update sites to use the latest SharePoint user experience. If you do not specify this parameter, the default is true.


Passphrase used to join the server farm. The Passphrase value must be the same on all servers in the farm if the farm is to function correctly.

if like me and you did a content database upgrade than it would also be available under site actions within the webapplication!

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The Particular Site collection Administrator does not have permission for visual upgrade. Once i change the site collection as Administrator, i Can able to do visual upgrade. – user876869 Apr 30 '13 at 10:28

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