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I am working on a workflow for a financial organization. To calculate a commission in one currency, I divide the amount in another currency by the exchange rate, which I then convert to text, and put in a word document. However, often end up with rather long numbers like 1.23233434. How can I round this number before it enters the contract? I want to round to two decimals.

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To add to the answer of Dafalgor, you don't have to use SharePoint designer to get the rounded number. You can just create a calculated column referencing another column which stores your long number and just use the calculated column for your word document.

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Have you tried the ROUND function?

For example: =ROUND(number,2)

See more information here:

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Thank you, I know this function from Excel, but how do insert it in my workflow in SharePoint Designer (2010)? – Daan Apr 25 '13 at 14:12
I have found evidence suggesting that you cannot the same formula's from SharePoint in Workflows. See following link:… What u indeed could do is just let your workflow as it is and create an extra calculated column within SharePoint that rounds up your results which u can use for your word document, just as @lem.mallari suggests. – Dafalgor Apr 26 '13 at 6:06
Thanks much, it worked! – Daan Apr 26 '13 at 8:15

I faced this problem and to avoid calculated columns I used the basic provided arithmetic calc functions in workflow. For example, to get a file size in KB without a ton of decimals I did:

var FileSize = ItemFileSize + 512
var temp = FileSize % 1024
FileSize = FileSize - temp //(now I have filesize at the closest multiple of 1024)
FileSize = FileSize / 1024

Notice the trick to add 512 is to round to closest, instead of simply truncate

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