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I have 2 problem with a people picker field.

1) We have a SharePoint 2013 server. On the server there is a list with a people picker column. We set it to show "Name (with picture and details)" in the list settings. In the default view everything is ok. When I set the view style from default to Boxed the user profile pictures will be removed on those users where the user picture is imported from AD. If a user uploads his/her own picture directly to SPS or if a user has no picture everything is ok. This problem exists in more built in view style but not all. Does anybody any idea what could be wrong? The problem existed on SPS 2010 before the migration too.

2) Similar problem as before: when I create a new list with the same settings as above in the boxed view style the link on the people picker field takes me to the user profel page. This is ok. However after I run a full profile import the links goes wrong and want to find something on the same page and not redirect to the user profile page. Any idea?

The only thing is not standard in the user profile sync is I created a custom property map to the thumbnailphoto AD property to import users picture from AD. Any idea what to setup?


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