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I'm basically working on an new website which is based on sharepoint foudation 2013. I've done the design and now i'm on development phase. After good time searching around in code i could not find a way to create the announcement block to look like i want. There are around 5 bloks on homepage which looks pretty similar,just different features.

I can't use image for preview as i'm new here, but i will try to explain. Well as you know if you insert an webpart for example Announcements, it's show the title of the webpart, and bellow the announcements + read more button in case if you want to see more. Actually i want to insert an image in the left side and to push all the content to the right side. I was trying to do that in the homepage code where is the webpart code inserted but i've got an error.

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I've manage to fix that issue aswell. By creating the blocks in the home.aspx page and inserting the webpart code in different divs. Well problem sovled.

Thank you.

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