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When I try to modify any page in the My Sites host using SharePoint designer 2010, I am able to change everything (remove webparts etc) except whatever is above the Quick launch nav items, the same region that is red-boxed item in this post, i.e. the user details box.

I have a feeling it will be some silly permission thing--but the file is checked out to me, I've logged on to the one-server-wonder as the site collection admin/central admin app pool account, i.e. GOD user, and I am still unable to modify anything in the person box.

I've just watched a web cast of the exact same thing done so I know it IS possible. Can you please help with an idea on what I might be missing?

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Apparently there is an 'Advanced Edit' button or something in SPD2010 that otherwise restricts access to some bits of the HTML.... that worked.

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