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I have a Sharepoint custom list. I want to use it as a registration form. This means the list needs to be displayed in an "Add item" mode? How can this be done? I am assuming with loading the list in Infopath 2010 and editing it?


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You can just use the NewItem form for the list. When you create a SharePoint list, you get a NewForm, an EditForm, and a DispForm (display) for "free".


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Custom lists usually have a toolbar on top of them, but if this is a custom view of list created via Data View Web Part here is a tutorial to restore Add item back. You just need to enable toolbar on such a view.

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use this url: http://yoursite/Lists/yourlist/NewForm.aspx

This will automatically give you a form where you can add a new entry to your custom list.

This form url can also be found by the object model if you are working programatically: SPList.DefaultNewFormUrl (MSDN)

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