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I'm trying to add a new checkbox in the Edit link tab of a rich editor field (in a publishing site). Specifically, in the behavior group.

I set up a new site feature, activated, that contains this element :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Elements xmlns="">
          <CheckBox Command="MyCheckboxCommand"
                    LabelText="Ouvre le lien en tant que boite de dialogue"
                    Alt="Ouvre le lien en tant que boite de dialogue"
                    TemplateAlias="o1" />
        <CommandUIHandler Command="MyCheckboxCommand"
                          CommandAction="javascript:alert('Custom Script');" />

Unfortunately, the new checkbox does not appears.

What's wrong and what have I to do to fix this missing checkbox?

[Edit] I discover that the checkbon appears in Firefox, but not on IE 9. Maybe a related issue?

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It looks like it was a simple caching issue. Clearing the browser cache solved the issue.

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