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Converting string to decimal seems to be a familiar question. But in my case the an error is throwing while I tried to convert a string value "10.00000000000" to decimal. I tried following codes

Decimal a = Convert.Todecimal("10.0000000000000000") ;
decimal a = decimal.Parse("10.0000000000000000");

but failed.

I think the problem is with the "zeros"(10.0000000000000000). Can any one knows why this produce an exception. I forget the error. But I will let you know that by tomorrow.

Can any one help.. please.

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This doesn't seem related to SharePoint, so you may have better luck on Anyway, check the decimal separator on the machine, it could be the source of the error. – SPArchaeologist Apr 22 '13 at 14:28

I copy pasted your code and got a

'System.Convert' does not contain a definition of 'Todecimal'


'A local variable named a is already in defined in this scope'

Rewriting your code to a simple console app I didn't get any error at all:

        Decimal a = Convert.ToDecimal("10.0000000000000000");
        decimal b = decimal.Parse("10.0000000000000000");
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