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We are trying to use the standard sharepoint search alerts and are currently being limited by some character limitations. I am wondering if there is a way to shorten our search strings...

For example:

We are trying to search based on managed properties...

(LoanID:13224 OR LoanID:47654)

Is there a way I can eliminate the need to retype 'LoanID:' repeatedly to shoren the overall string?

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You can review the list of search operators in this article but there isn't one that will let you pass multiple values for one property. You can however remove the OR to save some space.

When you use multiple instances of the same property restriction, matches are based on the union of the property restrictions in the KQL query. Matches would include content items authored by John Smith or Jane Smith, as follows:

author:"John Smith" author:"Jane Smith"

This functionally is the same as using the OR Boolean operator, as follows:

author:"John Smith" OR author:"Jane Smith"

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