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Before i ask my question here is the brief of my scenario. I have as site column named Keywords which is of type Text. This is being used a column in a Site content type(CT1) of type Page. I have Page Layout(PL1) which is associated to Sontent Type CT1. All my pages are inheriting from layout PL1.

I have implemented search on the website with scope Page, which is working fine. Now i want to refine this search with the keywords column associated with the page.

For eg: if i have a page named Laptop.aspx and added abc and XYZ(with space or any other specific character in between) in the keywords property of the page. So when i search XYZ or ABC with scope Page then Laptop.aspx(and any other pages with the same keyword) should appear in search results.

Also, I want this page to be on top of search results if possible.

Could some one suggest something for this. Currently i have no idea how to implement this.

I am open to suggestions, please suggest whatever you feel will be appropriate.

Regards Mohit Leekha

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Come on People....someone should have done this. –  Mohit Apr 23 '13 at 6:34
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