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I am working in SharePoint 2010. I have a stored procedure that I've attached to through an External Content Type. I've created a Web Part page with a Business Data List web part and have successfully displayed the list of data coming back from the stored procedure. I can also use the filter and sort options with no issues.

However, I have been asked to enable the ability to select multiple values in a column filter. Right now a user can select 'A' from the column header drop down and I see all the records with 'A' but I want the ability to then select 'B' from the list and have the list show data with 'A' OR 'B'. Is this possible?

I'm new to SharePoint development and all of my searching has resulted in dead ends. I have to stick with SharePoint 2010 so upgrading to 2013 is not an option.

If I can provide any more info please let me know.

Thanks in advance!

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