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I have a PeopleEditor control added to a custom application page. It's populated like so:

var entityList = new ArrayList();
foreach (var userVal in collectionOfUserInformation)
    PickerEntity entity = new PickerEntity();
    entity.Key = userVal.LoginName;

The code works perfectly in a development environment and a test environment, but it doesn't populate users when deployed to production.

There aren't any javascript errors, I've tried switching out the master page and web.config files, and the PeopleEditor works fine elsewhere in the production site (like on item edit forms), so I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure out where the problem is.

I can even see in the page source that the users I'm trying to populate the control with are present in an XML object the PeopleEditor tries to use to initialize itself!

Has anyone run into a similar situation, or does anyone have any ideas how to fix (or at least identify) the problem?

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