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I have a library which uses several columns of type Managed Metadata.

I have turned on both the tree navigation and key filters. I am using several column-specific key filters, not the All Tags filter.

For a specific column, there are several levels of managed metadata terms. For example:

Term 1
   Child 1
Term 2
   Child 2
   Child 3
         Child 4

If I used Child 4 as my term and apply the filter, I receive accurate results. If I use Term 2, it only returns items tagged with Term 2, but it doesn't return items tagged with Term2:Child3 or Term 2: Child 3: Child 4

Using the tree navigation, if I click on the parent term, the results include all documents tagged with either the parent term or any child terms of that particular parent.

Is this a a bug or expected behavior?

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This is by design. The Metadata tree will return all items of the branch, the key filter will only return items with exactly that term, not its children.

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