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I think this might be a bug in SP2013, but let me know your thoughts.

Using SP2013 I have a search page with a refinements panel and a search results web part. At that point all works perfect. The problem begins when I choose "Change Query" button on the search results web part and Create a Query Text like this: {searchboxquery} RefinableString09={QueryString.ServiceLine}

When my URL looks like this: search.aspx?ServiceLine=Tax everything still works ok. The problem is there is an issue once I click on a refinement panel to further filter the results. It seems that the QueryText in the URL and the refinement panel dont work togethor. I will always get no results back. I think the bug is this: my url looks like this: search.aspx?ServiceLine=Tax. When a refinement is clicked it looks like this now: search.aspx?ServiceLine=Tax#Default=..........

I think SP is thinking I am setting the ServiceLine parameter as that long encoded string. Does anyone have ideas are is this a SP 2013 bug.


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