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I have a SharePoint 2010 site configured with Claims based FBA. I have also made My Site work with FBA.

My question is:

In 2007 I would create a separate SSP for FBA-based My Site and set all configuration there. As SharePoint 2010 supports Service Application Proxy how can I isolate FBA based My Site and other AD sites?

While I was able to select the required services for My Site using Configure service application associations link in Central Admin, all changes I make in My Site settings reflect for both FBA & AD based application.

How do I isolate My Site changes ?? I wanted to have different configuration for each of the My Sites.

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Create two User Profile Service Applications, one for AD, one for FBA.

Go to the web application management:


Select the web application you want to associate with the FBA my site

Select Service Connections from the ribbon

Change the group to [custom]

Check the FBA User Profile Service Application, uncheck the AD one.

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