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We recently migrated all of our SP sites from WSS 3.0 over to 2010 Foundations One of our users is requesting the ability to see the full directory within the site that she is on it was that was in Wss 3.0 and now I am not sure how to make it work in 2010

The site will not let me post pics of what i am referring to but can provide if anyone can assist.

In WSS 3 it showed the directory path where you were in 2010 it's cutting it off..

Any advice..

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SharePoint 2010 has the "Navigate Up" control that appears as a folder icon next to the Site Actions menu and this provides access to the full current path. However, don't get too comfortable with this as SharePoint 2013 then takes it away again and offers no direct replacement.

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Full breadcrumb path on SharePoint 2010: full breadcrumb SP2010

Full breadcrumb path on SharePoint 2013 by deploying designated FolderNavigation.js script in MasterPage: full breadcrumb SP2013

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