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I start worklfow programmaticaly on SPListItem (custom ContentType). When i try to save all fields but "WorkflowInstanceID", its ok. But,

item[SPBuiltInFieldId.WorkflowInstanceID] = "E714297B-E922-410A-9864-959F76A38686"

throws Exception:

SqlError: '@tp_WorkflowInstanceID is not a parameter for procedure proc_UpdateListItem.' Source: '.Net SqlClient Data Provider' Number: 8145 State: 1 Class: 16 Procedure: 'proc_UpdateListItem'

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WorkflowInstanceID is only retreivable, it not possible to update this property, as stated in MSDN

This is the unique GUID of the workflow instance, and is what SharePoint uses to identify the instance.

EDIT: And by the way, the title of this question is a bit confusing.


only returns the GUID of the Field that you want to update, hence you are not trying to update SPBuiltInFieldId.WorkflowInstanceID, but the value of that field in an instance.

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