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I have a custom list called ReferenceList which contains two fields ProjectId and Url. I am retrieving data from SQL via BSC and displaying them in the search core web part result. The results are shown in a tabular fashion and these are some of the columns:

ProjectID, Title, Description, People Envolved etc.
1 (link)    ....  ....         ...    ....

I have been asked to display the ProjectID as a link. The url is actually stored in the ReferenceList together with the ProjectID. In Sql there is no URL store there. The only thing that could connect them is the ProjectID.

Can anyone tell me how can I access the ReferenceList from within the Search core web part and get the URL for each projectId based on the projectID that the search provides?

As far as xslt is concered it does not offer that posibility since it is for formatting the output rather then querying the data.

Any ideas?

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