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My client has a requirement to display a SharePoint calendar in a timeline format. Currently, it's being done by Simile Widget timeline:


Since I'm redesigning, I figured I'd take the time to redo this also. Here's what the client is looking for:

X-Axis: months of year Y-Axis: type of event (by content type)

The problem with the current Simile widget is that it's kludgy and has tons of memory leaks. I tried to use a Gantt view for the calendar, but it's extremely limiting.

Can anyone suggest a Javascript/jQuery alternative that I can use to display a SharePoint calendar (or list, for that matter) in a timeline, scatter-graph format? I'd appreciate any help. I'm not that versed in raw Javascript or Jquery, but I have been reading about JSON, so any help I can get is much appreciated. Thanks!

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