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When I only have Office 2013 available to me, is there still a way to sync with a Sharepoint 2010 Workspace for offline access? e.g. will skydrive pro work with a Sharepoint 2010 Workspace? Or some other method?

Or is it the case that I still must have an Office 2010 files & license for the Sharepoint Workspace 2010 client?

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The problem is that OneDrive (formerly known as SkyDrive Pro) will not sync with a SharePoint 2010 server. The MS KB article 2904784 points out that if you intend to sync with a SharePoint 2010 server then you must use SharePoint 2010 Workspace for folder sync. OneDrive (SkyDrive) has been coded to disallow syncing between OneDrive and SharePoint 2010.

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As you know, SharePoint Workspace is deprecated in 2013 but they do offer a workaround with Folder Sync in Office 2013. Is this not working for you?

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