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I've got a list that contains information about a project. This list has information about: "Start date", "End date", and "Members".

I then have a list that will contain information about how many hours I estimate each user will use each month that the project spans.

So a list, "Estimated Hours", that has the columns: "User", "Month/Year", and "Hours". I know I can edit the list in grid view, but then I have to write the users name and the Month/Year and then the Hours. So with 10 members and a project spanning 2 years I will have to add 240 items to my "Estimated Hours" list.

I'm looking for a control that will display this in a grid where the top row contains the Month/Year span of the project, and down the side I have one line for each member and then only have to fill in the hours in the corresponding cell for each member.

So for each user I would just need to fill in the hours for each month, and then click a save/submit button, and then all the items are created for me in the "Estimate Hours" list.


Does anyone know if there is such a control in SharePoint 2013 or a open source project that can do this?

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