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Is there a way to add the "Link to Document" content type to all existing document libraries in a site/site collection other than editing each one manually? I'm fine to do it with PowerShell if there is a way.

Also is there a way to change the template for the default document library so that all new document libraries will have this functionality?

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This is untested, but I'd probably do something like this:

$site = get-spsite http://your/site

$rootWeb = $site.RootWeb

$linkToDocCType = $rootWeb.AvailableContentTypes["Link to a Document"]

foreach ($web in $site.AllWebs)
    foreach ($list in $web.Lists)
        if ($list.BaseType -eq [Microsoft.SharePoint.SPBaseType]::DocumentLibrary)
            $listMatchCTypeId = $list.ContentTypes.BestMatch($linkToDocCType.Id)

            if (!$listMatchCTypeId.IsChildOf($linkToDocCType.Id))
                $webCTypeCopy = $list.ParentWeb.AvailableContentTypes[$linkToDocCType.Id]
                $listCTypeCopy = new-object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPContentType($webCTypeCopy, $list.ContentTypes, $webCTypeCopy.Name)



As far as your second question, about changing the default document library template to always include "Link to a Document", I really don't know. It may be possible, but then again it's my understanding that it's a best-practice to leave the OOB stuff alone and not customize it, as an update from Microsoft might overwrite your customization.

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