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I have a I am trying to build but I need to know what to populate in one of the parameters...

For Example...


I need to know how to populate the FilterValue1=44 parameter... I am trying to build this url with the purpose of filtering on taxonomy fields...

So far I know the parameters are:

  • FilterField1=TaxonomyField.InternalName

  • FilterData1=TaxonomyField.SspId

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Ok, After a bit of investigating I was able to determine that this is the ID of the term in the rootwebs hidden list "TaxonomyHiddenList".

This list can be located by going to:


To get the value of this item you can use the following method:

int[] id = TaxonomyField.GetWssIdsOfTerm(SPSite, TermStore.Id, TermSet.Id, Term.Id, false, 1);



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