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I'm creating a sharepoint survey with VS2012.

I managed to create the survey with several question and here is some sample:

            SPWeb web = properties.GetWeb();
            Guid id = web.Lists.Add("survey", "desc", SPListTemplateType.Survey);
            SPList list = web.Lists[id];

            string Question1 = "choose from option";
            StringCollection collection1 = new StringCollection();
            collection1.Add("opt 1");
            collection1.Add("opt 2");
            collection1.Add("opt 3");
            list.Fields.Add(Question1, SPFieldType.Choice, true, false, collection1);

My question how can I add a question with type Rating Scale ?

I can't find any sample of doing this, maybe need to use (SPFieldRatingScale) but can't understand how.

Hope for any help or directions TIA

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I managed to do it like that:

string Question3 = "from scale 1 - 5."; StringCollection collection3 = new StringCollection();

            list.Fields.Add(Question3, SPFieldType.GridChoice, true, false, collection3);
            SPFieldRatingScale srs = list.Fields[Question3] as SPFieldRatingScale;
            srs.Choices.Add("some text");
            srs.Choices.Add("another text");
            srs.GridTextRangeLow = "low";
            srs.GridTextRangeHigh = "high";
            srs.GridTextRangeAverage = "avg";
            srs.GridStartNumber = 1;
            srs.GridEndNumber = 5;
            srs.GridNAOptionText = "Not relevant";

and than add it to the survey list

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I never do that but in the MSDN there is a guide How to: Create a Custom Field Value Class that could help you:

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I managed to do it like that: – Ronen Apr 9 '13 at 10:07

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