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I am trying to handle the App events and I am getting one weird intermittent error related to app principal. When I try to deploy the Auto-Hosted App from visual studio, Sometime I am getting the errors below. This error is not consistent and sometime I am able to deploy my app successfully.

I thought of trying to create the token by myself, but I am getting the access denied when I try to create the token from the location:

Any help would be really appreciated on this.

2> ErrorDetail: There was a problem registering the app principal. 2> ErrorType: Configuration 2> ErrorTypeName: Configuration 2> ExceptionMessage: The specified application principal does not exist. 2> Source: RemoteWebSite 2> SourceName: Remote Web Site Deployment

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I'm getting this relatively frequently. If you have a solution I'd love to hear it! – johnnycardy Mar 20 '14 at 16:07

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