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Morning all,

Here's what I'd like to achieve and I'm hoping that you fine folk can help me with this.

I have a currency column in a customised list, with values ranging from £1k - £20k. I'd like to take the value of this field within a calculated column and return a number 1 - 5 depending on what the value is.

My logic would be something like: -

  • £1k - £4k returns a 5
  • £5k - £8k returns a 4
  • £9k - £12k returns a 3
  • £13k - £16k returns a 2
  • £17k - £20k returns a 1

Is is possible to achieve this within a formula?

Cheers, Steven

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1 Answer 1

Try this : =IF(AND([Column1]>1000, [Column1]<4000), 5, IF(AND([Column1]>5000, [Column1]<8000),4, IF(AND([Column1]>9000, [Column1]<12000),3,IF(AND([Column1]>13000, [Column1]<16000),2,IF(AND([Column1]>17000, [Column1]<20000),1,0)))))

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