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We have a SP 2010 workflow on a Document Library which sends an email notification out to certain users when a property is changed for a document. This workflow was working fine up until 2 weeks ago when it stopped sending emails and is stuck in 'Starting' status for a document once the property is changed...

Did some research and found this ( which could be the problem because we did update in the past month. I have disabled any required fields but the workflow still gets stuck in Starting status.

I also tried looking at the SP 2010 Timer service on the server and that is started and working properly, what could be the issue?

It seems that if I do two property changes one after the other, the first one will get sent after the second one is changed, so it will force the initial email to go out but the latest one is still stuck in Starting....what can I do to fix this?? Where else should I investigate?


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