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Just as user has a publish feature option available for MS office . is there some kind of publish directly to sharepoint 2010 available for PDF documents or do the users have to go the usual route to upload documents

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Are you looking to have a "Publish to SharePoint..." menu/button in Adobe Acrobat? – Gabriel Mongeon Jul 12 '11 at 13:20

SharePoint Word Automation Services allows you to do this:

Relevant code from that article:

    ConversionJobSettings jobSettings;
    ConversionJob pdfConversion;
    string wordFile;
    string pdfFile;

    // Initialize the conversion settings.
    jobSettings = new ConversionJobSettings();
    jobSettings.OutputFormat = SaveFormat.PDF;

    // Create the conversion job using the settings.
    pdfConversion = 
      new ConversionJob("Word Automation Services", jobSettings);

    // Set the credentials to use when running the conversion job.
    pdfConversion.UserToken = properties.Web.CurrentUser.UserToken;

    // Set the file names to use for the source Word document
    // and the destination PDF document.
    wordFile = properties.WebUrl + "/" + properties.ListItem.Url;
    if (properties.ListItem.Name.Contains(".docx"))
      pdfFile = wordFile.Replace(".docx", ".pdf");
      pdfFile = wordFile.Replace(".doc", ".pdf");

    // Add the file conversion to the conversion job.
    pdfConversion.AddFile(wordFile, pdfFile);

    // Add the conversion job to the Word Automation Services 
    // conversion job queue. The conversion does not occur
    // immediately but is processed during the next run of
    // the document conversion job.
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That is just for MS-Word. – Muhimbi Jun 9 '11 at 13:12

Have you considered a third party component such as this one.

Note that I have worked on this product so I am obviously biased :-)

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