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MenuTemplate menuTemplate = new MenuTemplate();

menuItem = new MenuItemTemplate("Delete document", "/_layouts/images/delete.gif");
            menuItem.ClientOnClickScript = ""; // What should I put there

On line, menuItem.ClientOnClickScript, what should I put there, so that I can delete document?

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You need to call a Javascript (or SharePoint JS-ECMA) function passing "this" as a parameter (plus any other parameters you see fit).

"ConfirmDeleteThenPostBack(this, '%SomeParameter%')";

The function must also exist already loaded, e.g. via a ScriptLink control in the master page, or any other technique available (e.g. script tags).

One example doing exactly that could be seen here and a full example to build your custom menus on SPGridView is

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Ok. I have seen the links. But I need a javascript function for this. Can u write a function for me? – SPBeginer Apr 4 '13 at 11:16

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