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I'm back with another problem. ;)

I managed to create a list with a multi lookup to another list, containing some labels. I added a webpart to list A's edit form to allow direct adding of labels to List B, with the intention of the added values showing up in the lookup immediatly.

First, I try to add a new label by filling in the textbox and clicking Create, as shown here:,hB8OCFo#2

However, the page then reloads, showing the lookup columns to be both empty, like here:,hB8OCFo#1

Is there anyway I can force a full refresh of the page via C# code behind the Create button that will make this page show up correctly?

Thanks in advance! David

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You can always hook to a button press event via JavaScript\JQuery and refresh your page.


Hook to a click event and refresh the page:

$("#target").click(function() {
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Hi Alex, thanks for the tip. However, the reload() function gives the user a dialog asking to resend the information. In this case, they'd create the new label twice, while they're supposed to be unique. I've tried using "window.location.href=window.location.href;", that does give me the same page with the controls filled, but in the state that is was -before- adding the new label. The created label doesn't show up in the available labels column yet. :( – David Apr 3 '13 at 10:10

Call Response.Redirect(Request.RawUrl); at the end of your method. This will cause you to redirect to a fresh load of the page.

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