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On TechNet, it clearly says "You can also create a search scope that includes several other scopes."

However, I'm having a hard time figuring out how to do it. What I have is four scopes. What I want is a new, fifth scope that essentially encompasses all of the other four. I'd like to do this by using the existing four scopes, and not have to re-create all of the rules that go into each of those original scopes in the new fifth scope.

Any ideas / insight?

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I asked the same question over on the MS TechNet SharePoint forum, and according to the reply given to me there, the answer appears to be:


Dang it.

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Although this question was marked as answered I would offer a method that would make scope rule management a little easier via Powershell given your needs. Use the following powershell command inside of a powershell function (function would only create 1 scope rule) :


Then create different functions for each scope that reference the scope rule functions.


Function CreateScopeRule1 { New-SPEnterpriseSearchQueryScopeRule} Function CreateScopeRule2 { New-SPEnterpriseSearchQueryScopeRule }

//create scope rules for scope A


//create scope rules for scope B

CreateScopeRule1 CreateScopeRule2

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